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Generate strong brand identity with creative TV commercials. Whether reaching an entire market with broadcast stations, or targeting specific geographic and demographic audiences with cable networks, your company’s message will be heard and seen in high definition with a clever and efficient TV campaign from Communicasting.

Here are a few examples of TV Commercials produced by Communicasting:

Acme Air Conditioning

Tommys Auto Service

Famous Tate

Bingham's Professional

Playing on the election climate of 2008, Famous Tate’s latest campaign features “talking” appliances running for the “office of kitchen” in several broadcast mediums. Giving life to everyday appliances allows the Famous Tate campaign to highlight the positive aspects of new appliances while poking fun at older, tired and outdated appliances. Designed to look and sound like a political event, each of the 3 TV and radio commercials in the series focuses on an “incumbent candidate” debating a shiny and efficient “new candidate.”

A collection of character voices (Tim Wilkins, Beecher Martin, Russ Wheeler, Bonnie Agan and Rich Carey) give each “candidate” a unique personality while the narrator (Mark Winston) completes the “political” feel with a strong moderator-type reading over an original music score.

"Washer Debate Commercial"

"Refrigerator Debate Commercial"

"Range Debate Commercial"

This series of commercials underscores the convenience of doing business with a neighborhood auto service center while highlighting the loyalty of their many repeat customers. With over 50 years in the same location, Tommy’s approach of being “Your Car’s Best Friend” goes a long way towards “Carefree Car Ownership.”

"Avoid Car Trouble"

"Carefree Car Ownership"

"Steamin' Radiator"

"Summer's Comin'"

"Your Car is Hot"

Boating is a fun and much needed time for most families to “get away.” It is a way to relax, enjoy nature, and spend time with the family. That desire is what drives people to spend thousands of dollars for a luxury. Central Marine’s TV commercials touch on those emotions while offering a friendly and inviting shopping experience.

Central Marine’s commercials feature lifestyle pictures of families having fun on boats while well-known fishing guide Captain Doug Hemmer narrates, adding credibility with the consumer interested in fishing.

"Dreaming of a New Boat"

"Dreaming of a New Boat 2"

Inspiring viewers to imagine themselves preparing meals and entertaining guests in a beautiful new kitchen is the goal of Acclaim Kitchen Design’s TV Commercials.

An eloquent narrator describes the appeal of a new kitchen while smooth music sets the mood as a collection of stylish and contemporary kitchens are displayed.

"Acclaim Kitchen Design"